Safety at our Pool is a Team Effort

It is always timely to think about safety around pools. We have “Pool Rules” that all of our teachers have been asked to enforce. We would love the cooperation of all parents / guardians so that our safety efforts can become a team effort.

No Running – Please help us to eliminate any running. How? Besides asking children to “STOP” if they are running, I have instructed teachers to “ask the child running to walk back to where they started, and start again”. Please do the same thing if your children run, and the message will quickly get through.

Before and After Lessons – We do not want Wet children before or after lessons. Our teachers are responsible for the group of children they are teaching. The children who have arrived to commence lessons are the responsibility of the parent/guardian until the teacher asks them to come into the water. Children are welcome to sit near their “lesson start position”, however, we are going to ask that children stay on the blue matting (preferably sitting), until the children are asked to come into the pool. Our teachers will reinforce this with the children, and your cooperation would be very much appreciated. We are not a public pool. We are a swimming school. As such, we do not have lifeguards. In this situation, the only parents/children that we can have in the pool are those that are under the direct supervision of a teacher whilst in a lesson situation. Once a lesson has finished, please leave the pool immediately.