ESS Race Nights

We will be having race nights at ESS in 2021 every second Friday starting on April 23rd. A fun way to mingle, race against yourself and set some PB’s. Record your times and challenge yourself to get a faster time in the next race. Join in for a relaxed fun night to have a go at doing some races. No prior racing experience needed, you just need to be a currently enrolled ESS student. See flier for more dates & details, and check back here for results which will be posted on Saturday following the race night. We only have one rule for the night: Have fun and enjoy. (Actually, that’s 2 rules…)

Friday night races 2021 full info


Meet Program

Meet Program 30.7.21


Meet Results 23.4.21

Meet Results 7.5.21

Meet Results 21.5.21

ESS Time Trial Meet Results 30.7.21

Race night Points board

Points after meet 2

Points after meet 3