Water Quality

Investing In Your Child’s Health With UV Treatment

The installation of Ultra Violet Light Disinfection represents a large investment by Eltham Swimming School, ensuring that we continue to provide the very best in all aspects of our facilities to complement our education program.

Ultra Violet Light Sanitation

  • Imagine swimming in a pool with less chemicals, no irritations.
  • No offensive odours or the other disadvantages of highly dosed pools.
  • UV light kills bacteria, viruses, moulds and spores, even the ones that chlorine doesn’t, and it inactivates the nasty by-products of chlorine.

Wet Deck Pool

By having the water at the same level as the surrounding floor, a wet deck pool prevents stale air being trapped at water level, which can happen in the older style pools with the water below floor level.

High Air Turnover

We fully replace the air in our pool building with 100% fresh air many times each hour. Health regulations require that a small amount of free chlorine is present in the pool. This is much lower than a pool that doesn’t have UV, and has none of the nasty by-products of pools that have chlorine alone.

What This Means For Your Children

  • Water is more gentle on their skin
  • No more red eyes and/or skin irritations
  • Better environment for asthmatics (hence all swimmers)
  • Water clarity is improved and is fresher and cleaner
  • Reduced wear and tear on bathers
  • Less use of chemicals means it’s better for the environment

See our brochure – Why Our UV is a Winner

How It Works

These days, the modern pool has moved on from only having chlorine as the sanitizer. Either Ultra Violet Light, or Ozone must be used as the primary disinfectant to kill viruses, bacteria, etc.

A small amount of chlorine is used as a back up (Health Regulations requirement). Ozone treatment relies on adding ozone to the water, and then removing the ozone before the water is returned to the pool (as ozone is a toxic gas). A much better option is to use Ultra Violet Light, which is an extremely effective disinfectant that puts no chemicals into the water, yet the water is completely sterilised. A small amount of chlorine is left in the pool as a backup.

Ultra Violet light is similar to using the rays of the sun for water purification. The method has no chemicals, presents no danger to use and is the most natural of methods to help purify the water. UV Systems are used extensively in water treatment plants throughout the world, especially in Europe.

Our Swim School is now equipped with a modern UV Treatment System, ensuring the best quality environment for your child to swim in.

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water quality