Welcome to Eltham Swimming School


Covid update as at 15th October 2021. We’re (almost) back!

Hi All. We are close and itching to get back. Our teachers are double dosed and standing by to return. Please see attached info regarding the rules & regulations regarding returning to lessons on Saturday 30th of October.


Calendar October 30th ’21

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The Best Water

Eltham Swimming School prides itself on providing our clients with the cleanest water attainable, and our professional approach to maintaining the water quality above the level set by Australian Standards. Our experienced technician frequently checks and maintains the water quality.

The Best Staff

Eltham Swimming School have highly trained and experienced staff, but what makes them special is that they each love to teach children how to swim. Our staff are passionate about water safety and love encouraging children in their swim training through to the advanced levels.

Going to be away? You can send us a text!

Eltham Swimming School has a text only mobile number to alert us of an absence. We can only receive text messages on this phone, we cannot reply to them. The number is 0400 072 991. Put this number into your mobile in case you need to send us a message while out and about. We can then arrange a make-up lesson for you when we see you next.

You can still use the other methods of email or a phone call if you need to – just go to our contact page!

Learn more about Eltham Swimming School and its history on this page.